10 September 2011

I'm Giving Up Writing

Just kidding...but it made you look ;) I mean really, writing isn't something you can actually give up, is it.

*sigh* I can't think of a darn thing I want to post about today, so instead, I'm going to post some pictures that will hint as to what my current WIP is about.

Just try to put the hints together, I dare you!

(And NO cheating for those of you who actually know)


  1. Okay are you ready for my guess.... okay go...

    Someone is missing so they send out a search party and they find someone dead but it's not the person they are looking for. So the girl and boy get together and start investigating the other murder, and forget all about the lost person. They ride into a wild pack of dingos, and are chased to the sand dunes where they find the only oasis and get in a boat to get away. Then the oasis dries up and they have to walk a long way home with no water....

    pretty good huh.... lol

  2. I'm stumped! I'm going to go with 'someone is missing in the desert'...

  3. LOL You so got me over here!!! And now that I am here, hmmmm. What can your WIP be about? Hmmmm. How about a safari vacation gone horribly wrong and now man and his best friend are on the job of finding out who dunit and why. :D

  4. *GASP* Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!

    Very intriguing picture clues. My guess: someone gets lost in the African desert (African because those wild dogs are African, I think) and sniffer dogs are dispatched to find him/her. They find the person dead, and the adventure to discover the killer begins. But they must battle the constant heat of the desert, the lack of water, and of course, the killer. :)

  5. DUDE! I only get a few words of preview and I screamed when I read your first sentence.

    ::takes a few breaths::

  6. Hmm... I think that somebody committed a murder in the desert and escaped by bicycle, but the K-9 police are after him!

    I'm a member of your Campaigner group for MG/YA, so I'll see you again, down the campaign trail.

  7. Somebody is fulfilling their lifelong dream of racing dogs in the desert? O:)

    I really loved the pictures--especially the last two. Beautiful!

  8. You guys are cracking me up with this!

  9. Hmmm... Anything with search and rescue dogs AND the desert is an automatic win in my opinion! Can't wait to read it! :)

  10. you scared me there for second witht he whole, I'm done writing bit!
    As for the pics, I suck at puzzles too, but it has to be about a dead dude. I got that much:)