30 September 2011

Crafty Me

I love crafts. I love being crafty...or at least, attempting to be crafty.

I told you guys I had a super secret awesome prize each week of the Warm Fuzzies blogfest (if you want more info and to sign up, go here ) and I'm finally ready to post a picture of it! I hope y'all like this because I've had fun making it.

Yes yes, it's a hand-made, home-bound journal! I had a ton of fun making this one and can't wait to get started on the others. If you want to win one of these babies, be sure to go to follow the link above and sign up for the fest!

For those of you wondering, I followed the easy instructions here . I've had some people ask if I could post pictures of the process of putting it together and I think I'll do that later this week :)

Since the blogfest is coming up in the next couple weeks, I'll be sure to post a more indepth article on what we'll be doing sometime very, very soon.


  1. Pretty! I like making things because I get exactly what I want. I only wish I were better at finishing them.

  2. That's adorable! Can't wait to see the process when you post it.

  3. You're awesome! I love crafts too and I love your blogfest (I just have to see how I can participate in a non-sharing my work manner...my post for Ali Cross' ninja dojo next week will explain a lot.)

  4. Am I allowed to give away gifts on my blog towards the fest?