24 August 2011

A Winner!

Random.org picked...Krispy!! Yay! Shoot me your e-mail and I'll send you your winnings :)

I found it extremely ironic that only one new person found their way over here (yay for Liz!). But hey, the point was to celebrate reaching 100 whenever it comes.

I'm back from Colorado. Vacation was amazing. The mountains had me spinning with ideas and I LOVED being in a dry climate. Here are a two pics for your enjoyment :)

p.s. Thanks guys for all of the book suggestions! I'm super excited to be moving to a place that has an awesome library :)


  1. Hello, fellow campaigner here! It's good to meet you

  2. Yay, congrats Krispy! And I LOVE the first photo. :D

  3. Yay Krispy~
    And J, are those your pics? How'd you get that close to the goats? Heheheh

  4. What pretty pictures1 I have always wanted to go to Colorado. Sigh...maybe one day:)

    So when are you going to give some details on this blogfest you have brewing???

  5. Misty- the zoom function helps a bit ;)

    Deana- I'll do my next post on that!

  6. Absolutely fantastic blog!!! Glad I found it! Love it!!!

    Lola x

  7. Colorado is awesome. We vacation there all the time. You're soo close to 100. I'm going to put out the word.

  8. Hello from your YA/MG campaign group! Nice to meet you!