26 August 2011

Tribal Writer

For those of you who do not follow Justine Musk's blog, please remedy and go follow. She has a powerful writing style that never fails to inspire me.  Her recent post on 'How to be a dangerous woman (in fiction + life) gave me goosebumps. I couldn't help but be reminded how it connects to being a writer.

When we decide to take the step and annouce to the world that we want to be a writer- we are making a bold decision. I know we all hear plenty of doubts and yet, it's our job to feel confident inspite of those doubts.

And that segues perfectly into the blogfest I have brewing for y'all! I promise, I'll have more info up later this week for you including.

1. The theme- which is awesome, and 2. The prizes- which are also awesome.

I'm making the move to Nashville tomorrow and am not entirely sure when we'll have internet at our new place. I'm hoping soon- not sure how long I can last without it! I promise though, I'll get myself to a coffee shop to get a fix every day :)

(I'm excited to be meeting my fellow campaigners! Yay!!)


  1. Good luck with the move. Hope to see you back online soon!

  2. DUDE! You're eight seconds away from having 100 followers - rock on.

    Good luck on the move and I'm looking forward to the blogfest!

  3. I'll be watching to see what the contest is about.

  4. Can't wait! But don't worry, we won't be hard on you if it takes a while. Having just come through a move barely alive:) I understand that it's tough. Good luck with it!

  5. You're moving to Nashville? How did I miss this? I LOVE Nashville. I'm not a city girl by any stretch of the imagination, but if I needed to live in a city, Nashville would be the one I would pick. Good luck on the move, and I look forward to the blogfest! :)

  6. Good luck with the move, Juliana! Gosh, when I was on vacation for 2 weeks I was going crazy without internet access--I hope you get it soon cuz I wouldn't want you to go crazy on us!

    (BTW, I purposely added the em-dash in my comment cuz I know how fond you are of them!)

  7. Good luck with the move!

    Just stopping by to say hi to a fellow campaigner.


  8. Hi from another fellow campainer :). Your blogfest sounds awesome! I can't wait to hear more about it!