14 June 2011

Crazy Dreams

Cale has the funniest dreams.  Many times, I'll wake up and he'll be saying something about soccer or directing his team around the field (he played in college).  But a few days ago, when I went to see if he was waking up, he was in the midst of a dream I couldn't stop laughing about...
Me: Are you waking up?
Cale: Yes, do I need to get dressed up?
Me: For what?
Cale: For Piggy's wedding (Pig is the brindle pup to your left).
Me: She's getting married today?
Cale: Yes.
Me: Is she wearing a white dress?
Cale: Yes.
Me: Is she marrying a Pitt Bull?
Cale: No.
Me: Is she marrying a German Shepherd?
Cale: Yes.
(Piglet comes into the room)
Me: Do you want to see Pig?
Cale: No, I just saw her and told her I was mad at her.
Me: Why are you mad?
Cale: Because she's leaving me.
Me: Why is she leaving you.
Cale: Because she's getting married.

-Seriously, it was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing.  Eventually, dream Cale got mad at my laughing and finally woke up.  Hilarious.


  1. Ha! LOL! So funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Waiiiiiit. Lemme get this straight. Are you TALKING to him WHILE he's dreaming???

  3. Bawhahaha! That is some funny stuff right there. I think I laughed harder at him waking up through the dream at your laughing and getting mad so stinking cute. He must love his little piglet:)

  4. This is a riot! So funny. I can't believe you were talking to him while he was dreaming. SO COOL! And I do hope Piggy's dress was as lovely as I imagined it. :-)