10 October 2011

Back to the Real World

Weddings, don't you love them?

Isn't she gorgeous? Seriously, these two are amazing :)

I love getting my hair done!

Why the wedding pictures, you ask? I was back home for the past five days to go to one of my very best friend's wedding. It was amazing and incredibly beautiful *sigh*

Sorry to be out of the loop, folks, but I swear, I'm back to the real world now.  I'm hoping Wednesday I'll get a post out with more info Warm Fuzzies Blogfest, such as when it's actually going to start ;)

Hope you all had as fun of a weekend as I did!


  1. Gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing them. I enjoy looking at beautiful brides!

  2. Awww! More pics of YOU honey!

    And seriously, when are you going to get rid of that stupid word verification?

  3. I love weddings :). My sister is a seamstress and owns a bridal shop, and I love trying on all of the dresses. I always tell my husband I would marry him again only for the dress.

  4. Weddings are always so great and uplifting. I'm glad you had fun.

  5. She looks beautiful and I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you all had a blast:) I love weddings!

  6. I've been wondering where you are! Looks like you had fun :)